Books Can Talk...Next Thing You'll Expect, Pigs Can Fly!

“I’m telling you, this book belongs to the store. I know it does.”

 “Ma'am, we keep a good record of the list of books we have, and this one doesn’t even have a name. We’re telling you, this book does not belong to us. So no use complaining when we’ve already laid down our answer.”

 “Fine, have it your way then,” I muttered, marching out the store. If that bunch of retards running that store won’t believe me…fine! I’ll deal with all this myself. But the thing that was really freaking me out was how that book could have just jumped out of my dream and turned into reality. Is this supposed to be a sign for something??

 Walking into my apartment, I sat down on the couch and opened the book up. All the pages were blank, nothing, not even a small spot of ink anywhere. Yet, it looked so old and withered. Bu every moment I touched the book, I could feel something inside it…almost like a soul…but one thing was for certain it was magic. That’s when I got a good idea.

 Taking a pen I started writing in the book.

 Why do I have this book? What is the purpose of this all?

Slowly, my eyes widened when the pen suddenly flew out of my hand and moved on its own, across the paper.

 Deep inside, you know the reason this book belongs to you. It is meant for you to keep and to find the potential and power you have.

 The pen rested on the middle of the book, waiting for me to write more. I stared at it for a few moments before picking the pen up again.

 Potential and power? I’m a mere non-magical being. I don’t have any potential and power!

 Magic can be found in the least unlikely places where people expect it to be.

 I snapped my fingers in surprise and grabbed the pen, writing frantically.

 That’s exactly what Jay had said in my dream!! How did this book come out of my dream?

 I waited patiently as it wrote back.

 When Imagination Comes Alive…”

 I groaned in disappointment.

 I didn’t ask for the name of the bookstore. I need to know why this book belongs to me and how it came out of my head.

I got no reply. I slammed the book shut and flopped down on my bed. Oh boy…what I was I going to do? I jumped off the bed and hurried toward the book and opened the page to where there was all the writing.

 Where can I find Jay?

 This time, the pen picked itself up and started writing across the page in its perfect cursive handwriting.

 Where can you find spell books?

My blood pumping with excitement, I ran out the apartment, not even caring to lock it. I had to track this Jay down and get the answers from him. It was time to get things straight. And hey! Who doesn’t love a good adventure with a bit of magic involved?


The End

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