Meeting My Parents

The moment we arrived at the settlements, I couldn't describe how excited I felt. It was like any other old British settlement, women in gowns and those small cottages with barns in the back. It was as if I had time traveled...which I had. I just couldn't yet believe that I'm a witch.

"Don't do anything stupid," Sophocles muttered to me as he pulled me through the settlement, leading me to wherever my parents might be. "And no matter what, do not tell them the truth about who you are."

In a minute, we were standing in front of the door. Sophocles kept sneaking glances at me, probably expecting me to go into "freak-out" mode. I mean afterall, I am meeting my parents for the first time in my life. But yet again, everything about me being a witch and travelling back in time; I've handled that pretty well.

"Breathe. And oh, by the way, go along with whatever I say."

Next thing I know, Sophocles knocked on the door. I could hear voices from the other side. Did they belong to my parents? That question was answered when the door was jerked open and a man grinned at the two of us. He had long blonde hair that flowed to his shoulders and brilliant blue eyes. Tall and muscular, he reached his hand forward and gave Sophocles an enthusiastic shake.

"Ah, it's been a long time Sophocles," he beamed then gave me a smile before welcoming us in. I memorized the details of his voice, his looks, all his features cause this man is my father. Or is going to be anyways. The shock didn't hit me like it should have which left me feeling a little strange.

"Indeed it has Christian. I suppose Lillian's alright?"

"She's here. Lillian!"

A woman came walking out of a caved in part of the house. She looked a lot like me. Tall, gray eyes and brown hair. Except hers was straight while mine was wavy. "Sophocles. It's great to have you." She flashed him a smile and at that moment, I was taken aback. That's my mother. That'

"So who is this?" My dad asked, his eyes meeting mine.

"My fiancee."

The End

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