Sophocles and I recieved curtsies from women and tips of the hat from men as we walked through the busy markets of Sinesteville. I realized that it must be a gesture of formality just like a handshake is in our world.

Once we were past the shops and the smell of fish and meat, we were met with farm land that stretched on for as long as I could see.

"The settlements are past the land, so I guess we're going to have to walk through."

Dear God, save me.

"Unless you want me to carry you," Sophocles said with a wink.

I glared at him before lifting the hems of my dress and moving ahead of him, towards the lines of crops and tall grass that stood in front of us. After what felt like thirty long minutes of walking, my face was filled with sweat and my knees close to buckling. No matter how long I held up my dress, it ended up getting messed with dirt anyways.

"How-much-farther?" I asked Sophocles, my body weighing me down.

"Oh just around a mile more."

"Urghhhhh," I groaned and stopping in my tracks to look ahead of me at Sophocles who was walking along like he was in heaven, hands in pockets and peaceful expression along his face.

"Can't we just use magic?"

"Tut tut, not so safe my dear. There are a few people still in this world who don't know magic exists and I don't want to risk the chance of exposing it to them."

I grit my teeth in anger then asked in a more irritated voice, "Why don't we just teleport to like five minutes distance before we reach the settlements?"

Sophocles tilted his head and looked at me, thinking and then smiled like a child. "Nice idea."

When I put my hand into his, I muttered under my breath knowing well that he'd heard it, "And I thought I was the idiot..."

The End

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