Back To The Past

I wasn't sure how to feel. These kind of things just don't happen! Since when does a human suddenly be declared as a witch with magical abilities and gets brought to the past to meet the parents that she never knew? A part of me was now excited, but the other nervous and scared.

Was this back-to-the-past styled trip going to affect my future? Sophocles and I are messing with time after all and I've heard that witches and wizards that go back in time have to be real careful not to screw things up. They may not come back alive in the process.

"We'll be careful, don't worry about that. Your parents already know me so they won't have any suspicions about me. But seeing you they may be a little surprised."

"A little?" I asked, imagining the scene where I introduce myself as their daughter from the future. "Hey mom, dad, it's me Aurora. Yeah well Mom died and I just wanted to see how you guys were doing and stopped by. How's life going for ya?" I muttered sarcastically.

"That's the thing. You can't tell them you're their daughter," he whispered back. "They can never know, under any situation you have to be quiet about it. It can change the future."

Well that sucks, I won't be able to launch myself on them and hug them like the end of the world. That'd only qualify me as mentally unstable in their minds.

"Yeah and I don't think you'd want them to think you belong in an asylum," he muttered with a smirk on his face.

"Stop reading my thoughts!" I snapped at him. He chuckled and looked out at the window of the carriage. But that brought up another question in my mind. Surely, my father was one of the greatest wizards of his time. If a mediocre guardian such as Sophocles can read minds, what can't my father do? Surely, he'd figure it out himself that I'm his daughter won't he?

"Your father never used his powers unless he felt the need to. So he's not going to try and manipulate your mind or anything like that. The only way he'd figure out was if you told him or if you did something really really stupid."

"Stupid huh?" I muttered, looking out the window, around the carriage and at myself. And that's when I noticed something different about me.

"What in the world am I wearing?!"

"Funny you didn't notice before when you saw me. I'm wearing different clothes too."

I was no longer wearing my dark blue denim jeans and a modern day t-shirt. I was dressed in a moss-green gown that showed my small body in an almost graceful way. My cheek bones were more prominent and my gray eyes, the color of a storm, more sharp. The dress was not a tight fit but it flowed, having the liquidity of water, and made me feel like a queen. My chocolate brown hair, tumbled down my back in an almost chaotic way. It was wavy and cascaded down like a waterfall.

All this, I saw through the reflection of the mirror in front of me which Sophocles had summoned up. I'd never given much thought to how I look but seeing myself in this...I had much more of a pride in myself now.

"It's the way women dress here. You're going to have to get used to it," Sophocles said.

"Oh no, I will," I breathed, still staring at the girl in front of me.

The carriage suddenly came to a lurch and no longer moved. The door opened and the driver said, "We've arrived in Sinesteville." He helped me down and I looked around at our surroundings. We were in what seemed like a small village. On my left was a long strip of farmland that stretched on quite a while. To my right were bushes and trees, past which came the sound of moving water. And in front, of us was the market.

Sophocles handed the carriage man a few silver coins [from where he got them, I don't know], who tipped his hat in my direction and got back onto his carriage and trotted away. Sophocles turned back to me with a smile on his face. 

"Well then, would you like to meet your parents?"

Wordlessly, I nodded and followed him as he led me through the unfamiliar streets of the past era.

The End

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