Darkness Then Light

"No, I'm not going to tell you about your parents," he said.

"Then don't expect me to stick around any longer."

But before I could even take another step forward, he had an iron grip on my wrist which awfully hurt. I had a feeling it was going to bruise later.

"Stop it." He said in a firm voice. I glared up at him but then gave in. When he saw the slouch in my back and the droop of my shoulders, he grinned again and lead me past the crowd to Jay who was looking bemused at everything that had happened.

"Wipe that look off your face," I snarled at him then crossed my hands in front of my chest and leaned against the wall, concentrating my gaze on the ground.

Was it so wrong to be curious about my past? To want to know who I really am and where I came from? And most of all...what was in my blood? Everyone has the right to question their life, as do I. So why can't I snoop around a bit and just learn who the hell I really am for the first time in my life?

With a sigh, I put my face in my hands and slid down to the floor of the side walk. People were probably walking around me, giving me strange looks but I didn't care. I can't always keep my emotions bottled up inside me can I? I can, and that's what I hated doing the most.

I felt someone's hand rub my back a little comfortingly but I shrugged it off. I just wanted to be alone.

"Leave me be," I whispered, my voice shaky. And with that, I was alone. I didn't hear the shuffling of feet and people on the sidewalk. I opened my teary eyes and looked around. There was complete darkness around me. How did this happen? Did I do some kind of spell?

I sniffed and wiped away the tears at the corner of my eyes. That was when a figure appeared in front of me. It was the all-too-familiar Sophocles and he suddenly looked much too older for his age. He sat down next to me and crossed his legs while I hugged mine to my chest.

The darkness closed in on us and I rest my head on my knee. That's when he broke the silence.

"Aurora, you don't know how bad I feel for you," he whispered.

"That's right, you don't," I said back. And I really don't want to.

"Your parents were wonderful people. And your dad still is."

My heart skipped a beat in my chest. My dad's still alive? Before I could ask another question, he continued.

"Time is valuable Aurora. And some people don't know how to use it. They waste every second of their life doing something utterly stupid and they know they are, but they don't change anything about it. You have others who do the same thing but they don't realise it. Your parents were not at all like them. They loved you so much. Your mom was a beautiful woman both inside and out, and your father the most brave and kind spirit I’ve ever met. I’m proud to have even known them and now, I’m so happy to have met their daughter. I understand that you’d want to meet them after never having known them your whole life. Anyone would.”

We both looked at each other, my tears now flowing down my cheeks freely while Sophocles smiled at me a little. He gave my hand a soft squeeze and said, "Stop crying."

I wiped them away and sniffed a little. My voice sounded a bit wobbly still as I asked him, "Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because, maybe you were right. Its time you know who you are."

I gasped in shock and that was when something startling happened. The darkness around us turned into an almost blinding white light, to the point i really thought that I'd lost sight. But that white light turned into an image of a busy village. I was now standing on the sandy ground of the roads and carriages were being pulled by horses and to my left were vegetable shops and other markets.

"Good day sir, would you and the young lady like a ride?" A man on a carriage stopped by and tipped his hat in our direction. Sophocles smiled and nodded, lifting me into the back of the carriage.

Once we were on our way to a place called "Sinesteville", he whispered in my ear, "Welcome to the world that your parents once lived in."

The End

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