Desperate Turned To Anger

At once, Sophocles face clamped up, and he broke his eyes away from mine, looking down on his hands.

“Tell me,” I whispered.

Sophocles didn’t budge, not even daring to look up into my pleading face. I hadn’t ever seen my parents, ever. Instead I had this one dream of a man which kept repeating. A bright flash of light, and then dark blue eyes sparkling, full of warmth. I knew very well this must be my father. But what happened to him; and my mom? Was it that bad?

“Sophocles!” I yelled, stunning the people around us, including Jay. “Please!”

When he didn’t answer and still avoided my gaze, I got up, knocking my chair down and stormed out the restaurant. I don’t care if I got attacked now. I rather wouldn’t mind actually, let those demons kill me. A life without parents is something I only know about; especially when you don’t even know them.

“Aurora!” I felt Sophocles call me but I kept stomping away, pushing past the crowds and trying to get out of sight. When I felt a warm hand wrap around my waist, I literally thrashed about.

“Let me go you dolt!”

We probably looked like some couple fighting since people walking around the streets stared at us and made “ooh” and “aah” sounds.

“Will you please relax?”

“No! Now leave me alone.”

“Not until you tell me that you’ll stop-ow-trying to kick me and listen.”


And so, I went limp in his arms as he let go of me. I turned around, crossing my hands across my chest and glaring at him.

“Finally decided to tell me?”

The End

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