The Wizarding Colony

The moment my feet could feel the ground below me again, I opened my eyes and gasped. It looked like I was suddenly rewinded in time, back to the medieval ages. People were bustling and hustling with women in bonnets and men in cloaks. The road below us was cobblestoned and there were lots of tents around us.

I stared at a woman passing by. She was wearing an actual gown with a puffy skirt. Blinking, I turned my head to face Jay.

"You don't expect me to dress like that do you?"

He grinned in reply. "Come on, let's go."

We walked along the streets as I watched the activities going on around me with interest. The first time we passed a normal building was a bookstore...a bookstore that sounded very familiar.

"Jay, how come they have 'When Imagination Comes Alive' here? Isn't it run by humans?"

He shook his head no. "'When Imagination Comes Alive' is actually run by magic fellows who pretend to be normal. Haven't you noticed that a majority of the books there are all magic?"

I watched with awe as we passed even more amazing shops. One looked like a pet shop and outside displayed in cages were small baby dragons and sea serpents and toads and much more!

"'kay, here we are."

I looked forward to see a huge mansion with gardens surrounding it.

"This is where you're going to stay," Jay said, tugging me along toward the entrance.

"Whose house is this?" I asked.

"Remember I told you about my guardian? It's his."

Is his guardian rich? Cause this mansion looked like it belonged to a billionare! Jay lead me through the house, showing me the huge palace like rooms, halls, and libraries.

"He's out of town at the moment so you won't be able to meet him. But he'll be here by day after."

"So umm, am I the only one living here or-?"

"No, I also live here. It's been just me and him for a while but now you're here so won't be as lonely."

Jay winked at me and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Alright, here's your room."

Stepping inside, I softly placed down the suitcase and looked around. It looked like  a room that would belong to a princess. The royal sized bed looked ever so comfortable with a silk blanket and inviting pillows, there were two huge wardrobes and I was sure that my clothes would probably only take a quarter of one of them. Along with that was a king sized desk and attached shiny bathroom.


"You should be getting some rest. In fact, I'm surprised you haven't gone into shock yet," he said, looking at me with concern.

"Thank you Jay but my late reaction system should not alarm you that much." I stuck my tongue out at him, which seemed a bit childish of me and then fell into the bed. was heaven.

"I'll leave you to sleep then."


The door shut close with a soft click as I closed my eyes and fell to sleep.

The End

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