When Aurora Zanderwood learns she's a witch, she knew there was going to be more in store for her then just playing around with spells. Follow her on her adventure as she enters the world of Wicca.

 *Dreams and Imagination Messing Around With My Reality*

The bells tinkled as the store door opened and a handsome boy came walking in. I looked up from the book I was reading and observed him. He had dark brown hair with blonde highlights sticking out. His hair matted down on his forehead because of the heavy rain from outside. Drops of water slowly traveled down his lightly tanned skin. He was tall, about 6 feet; and buff too. No one would want to mess with him in a dark alleyway, that's for sure.

He caught me staring at him and glanced back, flashing me a quick friendly s mile. I smiled back and that's when I noticed, one of his eyes were dark blue, and the other olive green.

"Hi, I need spell books. Where do I find them?" He asked the man at the counter.

"Go straight ahead and after the second row of books, head to the left. You should see a sign."


As he passed by me, I felt strange. Like lighting had struck me and left me buzzing with this weird feeling. I followed him and found him looking through the books, selecting a few to buy.

"You're a wizard," I said.

"Wizard-in-training is more like it," he answered with a smirk. "And you? You're a mortal aren't you?

"Yes, I am."

"Well, most people are anyways."

I watched him as he carried about 5 heavy books over to the counter to pay for them.

"What are you buying?" He asked, peering at my hand.

"The Happenings Of A Lifetime by George Henderson."

"Good choice of book. Includes lots of Wicca and magical events in it though. I don't think it would suit you." He said with a bit of skepticism in it.

"I may be non-magical unlike many people but that doesn't mean I have to limit my range of reading. I'm a very liberal person."

Quickly paying for my book, I joined him outside as we walked out the Where Imagination Comes Alive bookstore. There was a bubble around us that he must have formed, protecting us from the raindrops.

"The name's Jay," he said, stopping to shake my hand.


"Very magical indeed," he smiled. Then, he handed me a small brown book. It didn't have a name on it and it looked quite old. I didn't recall him buying it back at the bookstore.

"I want you to keep this."

"Why?" I looked down on it, softly rubbing the cover, feeling some magic in it.

His voice was loud and clear in my mind, through the plitter platter of the rain. "Magic can be found in the least unlikely places where people expect it to be."



I woke up, gasping for breath. Beads of sweat covered my fore head even though the dream I had had was not much of a night mare. I looked out the window close to my bed and noticed that it was raining hard outside. Getting up, I walked toward the mirror and stared at my reflection. A young girl with long scarlet hair, and green eyes stared back at me. What was going on? Putting a hand through my hair, I sat down on my bed and thought to myself. It was all just a dream...a stupid didn't mean anything.

But I stopped and stared at the top of my desk, my eyes widening. There on top, was a small brown old book. 


The End

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