In the Great Pyramid

The amber bubble bursts and out walks the young man, unaided, as if he was just sleeping. He looks stiff for a moment and has a greenish complexion – the colour of rebirth.  He steps out of the sarcophagus and walks with an air of dignity down the pillared corridor.

It is Khufu’s son Khafre - son from one of Khufu’s lower-ranking wives – held in a translucent, immobile amber shell for four thousand years.  He is finally released from his captive stasis. Orsis, the god of the afterlife and reincarnation, visited him in his deep sleep. 

The corridor ends in front of a block with handles – hieroglyphic signs – which allow him to walk through. 

It’s a long way out of his father’s Great Pyramid.  He remembers helping his father, Khufu, build this monumental structure.  He is in no hurry to get out of here.  It’s dark but he can see his way through.  The air is dry – not too hot – he’s comfortable in his long white robe.  He knows where he’s going.  He climbs from the chamber where he was “sleeping” to the second chamber above ground level. He reaches the Queen’s chamber. There’s no one resting there.  His father did not want any of his wives to have a resting place here. 

He makes his way to the Grand Gallery and looks up – it’s eight metres high – but he knows his way round.  He’s heading towards the King’s Chamber.   

Located in almost the centre of the pyramid lies his father – Khufu – resting peacefully in his red granite sarcophagus.  Khafre looks around the chamber and sees all the utensils and other bits and pieces his father needs for his afterlife. He stands by the coffin for a moment and reaches out to touch it. 

“Orsis visited me, father.  I’m starting on a new journey.” He bent down to kiss the coffin and turned round to leave.

The End

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