Amber Sarcophagus

Pharaoh Khufu shadow is projected onto the future to find a sarcophagus with the secret of the resurrection

Julius tried to understand the recent discovery in the Valley of the Kings. In one of the chambers of the Khufu pyramid hidden behind a wall separated from the room where the mummy of Pharaoh rested, it had been ignored reduced stay. The discovery in the Valley of the Kings of a papyrus of the time, a detailed inscription, indicating the existence of an amber sarcophagus laid in that room. Without going to guess the meaning of the inscription, if it was a sarcophagus painted in amber or something else, Julius began an investigation on the ground. Accompanied by his team of experts and using the latest technology at his fingertips he entered the sacred space of the burial chamber of Khufu. Put into operation the detection system and moments later he could visualize through the wall separating the two rooms the contents of the next room. On the screen he could see clearly the image of a coffin rested on a pedestal that rose in the center of the room.

After obtaining permission from the Egyptian authorities they proceeded to cross the wall at its narrowest part. After hours of expectant anxiety, part of the wall left see a corner of the room and then carefully remove the stones of limestone and mortar finally able to access it. The sarcophagus carved in stone contained within the intact body of a young man who could be the age of twelve or thirteen, and was included in a huge bubble of amber. The inscription on the sarcophagus the identity of its occupant detailing. It was the corpse of a son of Khufu who had remained inaccessible for more than four thousand years.

The End

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