Chapter 2Mature

She did not have time to think about that right now. She got up and made her way slowly towards one of the black buildings bulging out of the rock,  her e-rifle raised in front of her,scanning for threats. The buildings airlock had been blown in from the outside and was blocked by rubble and twisted metal. crap, she was going to need another way up.

She noticed an emergency ladder leading up the tower which seemed to start on the roof of the low buildings sticking out of the rock. Karen took a running jump and leapt, using small burps of thrust from the jockey rockets on her combat skin to get up onto its roof.

The combat skins jump jet system consisted of two rectangular,'jockey,'thrusters on the operators hips and two similar devices on the skins shoulders which enabled the user enhanced manoeuvrability on the battlefield.

Karen gripped the cold composite rungs of the ladder and started her climb. She used additional bursts of fuel to reach the top of the control tower in a matter of seconds. One there she had to climb into a cramped airlock on the control booths underside. It took a few seconds to cycle before Karen was able to get into the boot.

 An icon appeared in her vision informing her the booth still had oxygen and was pressurised. Karen hauled herself up inside and nearly threw up at the scene that greeted her. The booth was covered in blood, body parts and human innards, some she could even recognize. This,was brutal. The phantoms did not do things like this. It went completely against their way of war.

Then Karen noticed something resting on the main control console. It was shaped like two cylinders with a circular panel on top of where they touched. It appeared to be made from what looked like liquid metal. It took Karen several seconds to realise she was starring at phantom technology, and less than a fraction of one to noticed it was not causing interference with her helmet feed.

She began recording, taking it its both its physical appearance as well as how it appeared in the thermal and electromagnetic spectrums. Slowly, she stepped towards it, trying to ensure she captured every detail of its surface. She doubted anyone had ever got this close to phantom technology.This footage could be some of the most important information gleamed in centuries.

Karen got within a few inches of  it,before,without warning disintegrated out of existence. 

The End

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