Chapter 2Mature

He had  a point. One of the reasons the phantoms got their name was from how little evidence their was to support their existence. the phantoms generally fought from medium to long range and any attempt to capture them with helmet cams had failed. They always came out as blurry shapes in the feeds. On top of that any technology they used,even their own bodies seemed to have a self destruct mechanism that disintegrated it apon death or human contact.People knew they were real. But it was very much like fighting a ghost.

"Point taken, still keep a lookout" Karen replied. The rock o the canyon floor had been smoothed to make it more suitable for vehicles with wheels or treads as well as aircraft. Now it was littered with the dead bodies of soldiers and mechanics.  The bodies lay crumpled on the cold rock. Most had likely died from their suits suffering punctures that the sealing foam had  not been able to fix in time.

Karen bent down towards the nearest corpse to her. The body lay curled up. She slowly turned it over. It was a flight engineer, the front of her helmet was slagged from a direct energy shot which had caused the blue visor to crack and shatter. The blood vessels of her eyes had ruptured as a result. Karen pulled off her holo-tags, even base personnel carried them in places like this. 

"Private Lucy Palmer" Karen read silently to herself. She squeezed them in her fist. She had never known her but her death still made her angry. It was in-excusable. How had the phantoms even taken down a base like this? They could not have, it just was not like them anyway.

Then a terrible though came to Karens mind. Impossible surely no one could be capable of doing such a thing but... what if they phantoms had had inside help?.


The End

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