Chapter 2Mature

                                  3 years later, third moon of Juganga:Xyloc

Echo squads bugee finally reached Charlie base. The base was build into a shallow canyon cut between a large slab of grey rock on Xyloc's airless surface. The base consisted of dark builds,airlocks and vehicle bays lining each side of the canyon with a control tower jutting upwards from Echo's right. This base would usually be a hive of activity, given the amount of conflict that happened in this region but the base was completely dead, apart from the lights visible through the few windows.

The bugee pulled up to the edge of the canyon. It was a small wedge shaped vehicle with just enough room and an anti-gravitonic generator powerful enough for four, including the gunner on the back manning the heavy pulse turret.

Karen Chester hopped out of the shotgun seat,her boots silently crunching in the moons dusty surface. She scanned around in several vision spectrums, not liking at all what she saw. "Thermal negative,emissions dark, looks like the whole base is de pressurized. I'm not reading any active biometrics either".

"Shit" came Gordon Wells over the squad comm. "You think the phantoms did this sarge?" he asked. "Its very unlike them" Karen replied "They do not usually go for a frontal assault of this  nature."

"I got a bad feeling about this" Came Donnolly's strong accent over the comm, evident of his scottish ancestory. "Can it!. All right Vasili since you,ve chosen to not move you stay here with the bugee, it would be just like those  spooky Bastards to try and destroy it while we are preoccupied. Wells take the left, Donnolly the right, I'l head for the control tower" Karen ordered as she gestured in the towers direction.

"Yes sir!" the three of them chorused. They fanned out in their designated directions. "Oversight this is Echo one, we have reached base Charlie over". Nothing but static. "Dam phantoms set up a jammer somewhere, keep a look out". Donnolly replied."sure all we have to do is walk near the bloody thing sargeant, and the device itself will take care of the rest".


The End

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