Chapter 1Mature

He climbed in and gave the drive array his address. The taxi pulled out of the hospital car park and into the Founders City traffic. Damion brooded in silence for the brief journey.

He accessed the outer-net through his smart cells to see what information was available on the accident. twenty dead, two survivors, one severely, damages at ninety thousand enclave dollars.

Whoever these bastards were they had gotten away with murder, quite literally. Damion would not allow that. He would ensure those victims and himself were brought to justice. The taxi slowed as it pulled up to his apartment building on Cyprus avenue. He sent the appropriate amount of e-dollars to the array before disembarking.

He stalked through the reception area and took the elevator to the fourth floor. His apartment was modestly sized. He did not require a lot of space. His key code had been uploaded to his new eyes, he realized his new eyes did not actually have smart cells but were themselves in a way smart cells.

The door slid to the side and he strolled in and made his way to the kitchen. He noticed his apartment was much cleaner than he left it. When he entered the kitchen he found that his maid bot had been repaired also. No doubt Tyson, his close friend in the force had swung by. H even noticed a small pile of letters on his table.  

In these modern times people only sent letters when they really wanted to show how much they cared. He fetched a bottle of bourbon he kept hidden in his fridge and sifted through the cards as he headed for the TV room. They were all from various friends and colleagues. 

He took a swig of bourbon as he plopped himself on the couch. the V-screen materialized on the wall. Informing him that there was thirty hours of saved series episodes' from series he had favorited in its memory. He selected an episode of Space Crash as he  took another swig. feeling the fire go down his throat and into his stomach. As the intro came on he said out to no one  in particular. "I will find you bastards, you are going to pay!."

The End

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