Chapter 1Mature

Zheng had delivered news like this to patients before, that they were now augmented with cybernetics for their own good. Sometimes it went down well, the patient having no problems with it or sometimes they cried and needed family comfort. Mr Hurts angry outburst was unlike anything she had seen from a patient.

Zheng had always distanced herself somewhat from her patients, she had never been able to comfort anyone dealing with sadness in her life before, but Damion had  no one. He was a single only child who's parents were both dead.

She tentatively stepped towards his side and crouched town to his level. "Damion, I have nothing to say, I doubt anything i could would ease this at all. But your not the only person to go through something like this" She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Be strong Damion, I know you can be.

Damion swung around  and for a slit second Zheng thought he would punch her too. but he just threw his arms around her shoulders and sobbed into her shoulder. Zheng slowly did the same. feeling the thread shaped lines on his back where the carbon muscle knitted into Damions.

"Did they find out who caused it, the accident?" He asked her. "I'm sorry Damion Mr. Ohwandai  or any of the few others who did survive saw nothing that could hint at it being intentional. And with you in an induced coma it was written off as a freak accident. Damion's boy became rigid at this information. "What?" he whispered.

Zheng was becoming quite nervous now. "Mr Ohwandai only saw the evaporation and and you were incognito. There was little to go on". Damion composed himself and stood up. "Are there any clothes I could use?" he asked her. Zheng stood up and indicated at a small folded pile on the desk by his bed. " A friend of yours brought those from your house". Damion dressed quickly, pulling on a blue shirt and a pair of green shorts and leather sandals. Ideal apparel for a summers day on Terra Nova. 

He made his way towards the double doors. "I'm going to find who did this Doc, and when I do, their going to pay" he said with quiet determination. He attempted to call a taxi with his smart cells and a whole host of icons filled his vision. "The green one will explain the functions of the others" Zheng said. Damion saw the green circle and selected it. Information began to fill his brain. "Why the fuck did you give me some of this stuff Doc?" Damion turned and asked her. Zheng shrugged. "It was requested by the anonymous individual. He insisted you would want them. If you want anything removed simply make an appointment with the hospital."

Damion nodded thoughtfully and called for a taxi to pick him up outside the hospital. He made his way through the corridors until he came into the main reception area and exited the building. The taxi was there waiting for him in the afternoon sun. His name moving across the digital display band along its length.

The End

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