Chapter 1Mature

She wore a white doctors coat. A digital device of some function Damion did not know on her wrist."Mr. Hurst" she began. "How are you feeling?". "Like leaving" Damion replied. She gave a weak smile. "Oh course, you will be discharged as soon as i inform you of a few things". "Do proceed" Damion said to her.

She began "First of all some of your injuries will take time to heal but you should be able to return to normal life, another month and you will be as good as new. Your employers have insisted you come back as soon as you feel you are ready. "Secondly your surgery was quite expensive however an individual who wishes to remain anonymous had paid for all expenses so your no claims remain with your health insurance provider." Damions brow furrowed. "Do I at least know who it its?" She shrugged. "He seemed very official" She simply said. "You will be glad to know as well i am sure the thanks to you Mr. Ohwandai also survived. He was spared the brunt of the explosion when you kicked him behind that sedan."

"Finally there are the augmentations we had to make" she trailed off slightly, feeling uncomfortable. This news never went down well in her experience. "Augmentations?" Damion asked her. She gestured towards the nearby wall. "See for yourself, its probably best that way"

Damion moved towards the wall afraid of what he would see.  When he was a few inches away a segment of the walls surface morphed and he was staring into a mirror. He pulled of his white hospital gown and stood there inn his underwear. Then he saw the modifications. His entire right arm had been replaced with a prosthetic of matte black synthetic muscle wrapped around what he guessed would be titanium bone. both his legs had been replaced below the knees with composite of the same colour ending in two toes. The perfect white texture of his green eyes revealed that they had been replaced with artificial equivalents as well. And that was just the superficial stuff he would let find out.

He stared into the mirror for what felt like an eternity, unable to accept how much of himself he had lost. What he had become. "Mr. Hurst i detect your blood pressure is elevating...." Smiley began. without warning Damion let out a roar of uncontrollable rage and smashed his augmented fist into the walls mirror surfaces. It shattered into a million pieces and bits of dust. Doctor Zheng yelped in surprise and her arms came raised instinctively. Damion collapsed on his knees to the floor, shoulders shaking with tears. 

The End

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