Chapter 1Mature

Faint gold light filled his vision, if thats what it could be called.  It felt more like an image in his head. How much time had passed? was he dead?. That was the closest to conciousness we would achieve over the next month.

He heard voices, like whispers against his conciousness belonging to individuals he did not know. Most of the time what they said was an indistinguishable blur, but occasionally  he understood a sentence or two.

"Is that all thats left of him?"......"How bad was the blast".........."He has lost a lot of blood"........."Where is that prostheses!?"......"Stay with us Damion"........."he will want that, give him the enhancers also"........"He says he will cover all of the costs"............."How do you  think he will cope when he comes around?"

Damion opened his eyes for the first time in over a month. He immediately snapped them shut again, sensitive to the light, as gentle as it was in the room. He repeated this several times until e was satisfied he could keep them open.

He in a hospital he assumed. The walls here were a pleasant shade of yellow and the floors were covered in white tiles. He pulled the blue starchy sheets off his body and attempted to climb out of the bed. He righted himself and took a step towards the rooms double doors. His vision immediately blackened and he tumbled towards the white floor. He braced for a sore impact but something gently caught him before this could happen.

"Mr.Hurst how good it is to see you awake" came a chirpy electronic voice. The robot helped Damion steady himself before he got a look at it. Its body was a creamy white box that supported four lanky arms with a spine like centre that connected to  a pair of triangular shaped treads as its eqivalent of legs. Its head was a digital screen displaying a happy blue face with just a line for each eye and a U shaped smile. Damion saw out the window behind it and realised he was on the ground floor overlooking a large green area. He recognized the Enclave Building in the distance. He was still in Founders city then

"Thank.." Damion let out a hoarse cough as he realised how dry this throat was. He clutched his side in pain where he noticed it had been healed with bio-gel leaving only a faint pink scar on his tanned skin. "do you require some water Mr.Hurst?" the robot ask filling a foam cup from a small tank on its back. It offered the cup to Damion who took it gingerly and downed the whole thing in one gulp. He felt instantly revitalised and awakened.

"You  have a name?" Damion asked the robot. "My official registration is Stenson Robotics Medical Droid #91261278, but most of the hospital staff simply refer to me and most other units like me as 'smiley'" It replied. "Certainly less of a mouth full" Damion said. "Your wound will still require time to heal". "How long have I been out?, where am I?" Damion asked.

"You are in Sydney Memorial Hospital following your grievous accident one month and twelve days ago" Smiley answered. "Doctor Zhang can tell you more" Smiley gestured behind him at Dr. Zheng who had just entered.. She was in her early thirties with short black hair and almond brown eyes.

The End

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