Chapter 1Mature

"Get down!" Damion roared as manhole covers were blown into the air by intense build up of steam pressure. He heard a noise from the tanker and realised the hydrogen had been evaporated also. The manhole covers fell back down,each landing with a loud, sonorous clang.

"Shit! detective what the hell was that?" Ohwandai asked. "Evaporation device" Damion replied. Around them officers without visors and civilians were disorientated, their eyes had become very watery in an attempt to moisten them after the evaporation had managed to dry their eyes out as well.

Damion noticed a faint green laser sight and realised what was about to happen. "Get back!" he shouted has he launched a kick into Ohwandai. The sargeant was sent flying on over the hood of a sedan and disappeared behind it just as a green lance of light struck and punched through the reinforced tanker.

It expanded, exploding outwards in a ball of fire. Damion was blown backward and sent through the glass of a digital public kiosk. His eyes hurt and he had a taste of copper in his mouth. oddly enough he could feel no pain though there were numerous amber warning signs flashing in his vision informing him of damage his body had taken. Debris lay around him, as did bloody body parts indeed he even noticed he himself was bleeding heavily from the stomach. Well that explain the lack of pain Damion thought. He also noticed both his legs below the knees had been crushed under a large piece of metal debris. Several giganta trees were on fire and there was a thick layer of smoke around him

One of the police mechanoids staggered by him, a chunk of debris lodged in its head hindering its co ordination ability. Damion noticed what looked like someone in  a stealth suit leap out of nowhere onto the mechanoid and ram their fist into its cube shaped housing. The robot died in a spasm of sparks and its hulking frame collapsed to the ground.

Damion  reached for the pistol at his hip and managed to get a hold of it. He raised himself slightly and pulled the trigger twice. Two twelve millimeter armour piercing rounds slapped into the figure without so much as a scratch, however the stealth field did collapse revealing a figure in a dark suit with a skull helmet with glowing green eyes. A massive power fist on the figure right

 Figure nimbly leapt off the destroyed mechanoid, through the air and landed by his side.  Damion attempted to bring his pistol to bear again but the figure raised its power fist and brought the two messing buzz saws encased within down on his pistol arm. Damion felt nothing, probably from blood loss. Whoever it was looked like they were about to finish the job. At this stage Damion did not care, he had written himself off as good as dead anyway. Even if this person spared him  he would die of blood loss before anyone could save him. But something caught the figures attention and they leapt away and disappeared from his view. And at that moment for Damion, everything went black

The End

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