chapter 1Mature

The sargeant extended his ebony hand in greeting. " Sargeant Ohwandai" he said. Damion took his hand and shook it firmly. "Your men have done a fine job at securing the scene" Damion said. "I appreciate the complement Mr Hurst, they are excellent men and women".

"So tell me what we now then sargeant" asked Damion. Ohwandai began "Well this tanker was taking liquid hydrogen from the refinery on the outskirts to the fusion power plant in Berlin square. When it turned this corner the city A.I seemed to have glitched and well" He gestured at the  crashed tanker. The tankers safety protocols had frozen the hydrogen to prevent possible ignition. "The tankers super conductor battery has already been taken away by forensics"

Damion's brow furrowed slightly. "How does one simply glitch the city traffic A.I?" he asked. "Beats me" Ohwandai replied, scratching the back of his neck. "Even if a vehicle does disconnect its nav system should keep it going to its destination.  A.I just makes sure vehicles don't crash into each other and alters traffic flow to prevent conjestion.

Damion pondered this. "So it had to be someone with access to advanced electronic warfare technology. Only the H.E.D.A would have that." "Ya but how likely is that?" Ohwandai asked "Unlikely but its all we have right now" Damion admitted. "So even if they did, why have the tanker hit this building?"

he accessed the city map through the smart cells in his eyes and pulled up the information on the skytower. He heard a faint hissing noise in the back round but paid it no attention.  "Carlow building, houses 331 residents, built in 195.T. So we have a possible H.E.D.A employee who wants to damage this building, why?

The hissing noise was starting to become quite noticeable now."What is what?" inquired Ohwandai. Damion  realised what it was just before the manhole covers started to blow off.

The End

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