Chapter 1Mature

It was a beautiful, warm summers day in Founders City, the capital of Terra Nova, humanities first settlement since the exodus from earth, when detective Damion Hurst's police sedan pulled up to the scene. The sphere shaped wheels of the sedan came to a halt. Damion took his pair of polarized shades from the sedans glove compartment and stepped out into the Terra Novan sun.

It was thirty degrees, not that it bothered him or anyone else who lived on the planet which had  a largely mediterranean  climate throughout. The incident has happened on Milan avenue, like any street,square or avenue in the city it was named after a location back on earth. 

Around him the high rise buildings of the capital stood like great spears as though they had only been made yesterday. There was virtually no glare from any of them thanks to the smart glass used in their construction. On either side of the avenue there was  a large accommodation skytower. The footpaths were absent of any rubbish or unsightly mess due to an army of civil maintenance mechanoids throughout the city that kept the place clean. The streets were both lined with expertly trimmed giganta trees, native to the planet. Their emerald green leaves in full bloom as well as the tiny pink flowers that came out in the summer.

That made the scene before him stand out even more. In front of him a massive hydrogen tanker had smashed  lop sided into the corner of the skytower to his left. Right where Milan avenue joined the main road. The red coloured chassis had buckled and one of the tankers large sphere wheels had come loose and been stuck in position by magnetic clamps. The actual trailer was cylindrical in shape with a dark red lines running horizontally along it with the logo of the company who owned the tanker at the centre. His smart cells identified the concentric yellow,white and red circles as the National energy supply company.

Around him police officers were taking account from eye witnesses and forensics exerts in white suits combed the wreckage and area nearby with various electronic devices. There were two police mechanoids patrolling at either end of the scene with their gorilla physique and gait, their microwave dishes currently concealed.Around the scene was an orange holographic banner, the words "police investigation do not cross" played across its surface. There was no one re directing traffic. The city A.I was diverting all vehicles away from the scene

As soon as Damion walked through the banner it blinked and there was a quick bleep. IT had recognized his biometrics and informed the nearest in command at the scene "Detective Hurst?" Damion turned so see a man in the blue and white uniform of a police sargeant.  "That's me" Damion replied. 



The End

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