Humanity has been forced to abandon earth and has colonized new worlds defended by the Human Enclave Defence Agency. However man kinds new homes are plagued by mysterious aliens referred to collectively as 'phantoms'. Former detective Damion Hurst and Sargent Karen Chester are both recruited to investigate the possibility that a human organization is working with the phantoms

In the twenty fourth century scans of the sun revealed a warning. In about a century violent fluctuations of solar radiation would occur and sterilize the earth. Humanity began a fanatical effort to save its existence. We were already a space faring species at this time, though we were confined to our own solar system. 

Huge ark ships were built in orbit over earth. Hundreds of them, that would carry a significant amount of humanity with them to the stars using the newly invented hyper drives. Entire governments and organizations threw their funding and resources into building these arks to such an extent that infrastructure on earth was neglected. By the time we left, earth's cities were neglected, overgrown , dilapidated husks of their former glory.

Against time enough ark ships were completed in time to take some five billion people with them. The rest, mainly the elderly who volunteered, stayed behind as the suns energy wiped earth of all life. The arks rallied from their various construction points at Pluto before setting out to find a new home for humanity among the stars

Two centuries since the exodus from earth and man had colonized five worlds and a dozen moons and asteroids. All of  were brought together by the perfection of hyper space travel. But it soon became clear there were others in the galaxy who did not want humanity to succeed, who wanted to see us wiped out. The Human Enclave Defence Agency was formed to protect man kind from these new threats and show them humanity would not take kindly to those who wanted what was ours.

But as little progress is made by either side questions arise over what the aims of these aliens are, and what is it they have against humanity?

The End

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