Phantom of the underground

i am 14 this is just 1 piece from bout 5 months ago, it is about a block in the underground, well i aint gonna tell u the lot, lol just read :) =]

oh and very short.

The colourless underground, fell silent. The strong oudor of sweat and urine careered up my nose; my lips were parched. A wave of quakes trembled down my spine-i felt like someone was closely observing my every movement. A sudden thud instantly diverted my attention. Wham! A trange shadow figure slames into my face.

"The time; i'm late for work, my boss is strict." I rushed to the underground as quick as humanly possible. i sighed as i made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Later; now everyone is relaxing at home, it's time for me to lock up the station. Silence fell over the underground. It resembled my dream from lastnight. My heart started thumping rapidly. Then, i had that feeling again, the feeling that someone was watching me. I ran without delay.

I could not hear anything around me, but i knew, whatever was following me was still there, following closely behind me. Every stepo i took my heart would double the pace.

As i was running i saw a chance, a chance to escape. It was a small vent. Knowing i  would fit in the vent because of my petit build, i wrenched the front of the vent off of the wall. i climbed in as rapidely as i could. i was in such a hurry climbing in lead to me hitting my head on a loose nail. I started feeling light-headed and nauseous. The lights faded slowly from my surroundings.

I woke up with light pouring back into my eyes like a waterfall. Some questions were passing through my head: Where am i? How did i get  here? Am i still alive? I peered over my body for injuries. I couldn't seem to find any. I seemed fine for now, exept i am strapped to some sort of bed, my arms by my thighs and legs straped together. All i could move was my head. Above me was a vast light. come to think of it, the light is like the surgery ones. I peered around me. I said to myself "i'm sure i am in a hospital of some kind."

The light above my head started flashing frequently. It was like i was out of some sort of horror film. I heard footsteps comeing from behind me.

Jugeing by the sound of the planes, i must be in the old mental institution. it was closed down about 50 years ago from today.

The footsteps got louder and louder. Then a shadow leaned infront of the light above my head. The shadow suddenly pulled out a shiny object, it was a knife. The shadow then picked up a surgens  mask and placed it on his face. i suddenly felt numb as the shadows face started to come into view. The shadow was walking round me. His face, it was like it wasn't there

The End

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