Ash: Changing

I can't say I've become another person, but I guess I have. Just a bit. I mean, I remember just about a week ago I was a sassy little brat. (yes I admit. A brat) Nothing could stop me, nothing could, until i met Sky. When this adventure began. Now I'm a guardian.

"Hey. Were r we headed to now?" I asked Stanton.

"Well, according to that mad you drew," he studied the paper, "We head for the mountains. It's gonna get really chilly for you. The rest of us can manage, but I think we should stop at a shop somewhere around here to get some supplies."

Everyone around us nodded, "Hey! I'm not a little baby! I can fend for myself," I pouted. "I can stand anything you guys can!" It was the truth. I could. I read the book.

"Ummm..." Keesa said, "Maybe you should re-think that again. You're still just a human! Don't go crazy and think that you're any better than ANY of us!" ALRIGHT! I think I pushed the right button! SASSY TIME!

"Well, I AM the legendary guardians daughter. YALL are the ones that wanted me to read the book to 'save the world'," I air quoted, "I could just walk away to the nearest store and ask for directions home and just leave you hanging with a whole lot more than a couple books to worry about. So, unless you want that to happen maybe you should let me explain what I did last night when you were out crying your eyes about missing Viper or whatever!" now THAT did it. Just what I had planned yesterday night.

"Bring it on you little twerp!" Kessa said as she did her little transformation.

"I will. I'll try not to hurt you," i said. See, here's what happened for those of you that are lost. Last night I drew that map. When I did, a vision came to me. It was of a war. I was in it, but I wasn't me. I was playing the role of another person. That person could read the book like me. The words in the book spilled out to me. It was as I could read it like a regular book.

After that vision I woke up. I grabbed the book that I kept in my bag. Then, I began to read it. I read every word of it. It was so clear in how I was supposed to fulfill my mission. My future was all written down in the book. I couldn't do anything about it. It was written in it. It demanded it. That was it, and I wasn't the only one that could read it.

The End

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