Ash: Waking up in a Man's Arms

I woke up in Stanton's arms. Last night had drained a lot outa me and I fell asleep instantly.

I sat up and looked around looking to see what I smelled, and sure enough, I smelled eggs. Keesa was cooking them and from the looks of them.. they looked GOOD!

"Morning Keesa," I said politely, "The eggs smell really nice. Where's you get them?"

"Let's just say I got up a bit early to do a bit of hunting," she said without looking at me, but from the looks of it. I could tell that there was hatred in her tone.

"Oh, okay, well thanks," I said politely. I felt something shift behind me and looked and saw Stanton looking at me and I smiled at him.

I thought that there was a connection between us... but I don't know. That's what I said with my last boyfriend... and that didn't turn out good, so I just sighed and smiled again and pushed that thought into the back of my head... hoping it would stay there since we had a long journey ahead of us.

The End

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