Keesa: Discovery

As Ashley stumbled back to me, all I could do was stand there with the others in awe. The gaping whole in the cave let in a little light but not much. I turned around to see stanton starting a fire with some stray sticks and matches we packed. The air in the cave was thin, as we settled down for the night you just felt like you were going to sleep and  not waking up.

I found a good sized spot in a corner about five feet away from the fire, I layed down and immediately felt uncomfortable. I tried everything to make the feeling go away, but it was just consuming my mind. I got up quickly and went to the small water moat around the rocks Ashley knocked down. I hopped water and sat against the rocks, I looked up and saw a full moon looking back at me. I felt so alone these days, Viper was gone, Sky was busy, Stanton and I were never really close, Kacey and Criss were more of their own people. The moon comforted me. I changed and put my paws in the water, I felt relieved. Just relieved, nothing else. I went all the way in and stood there, whole. I felt completed, like nothing could hurt me. I looked into the still water and saw myself. I had deep blue eyes and white fur. I looked around puzzled, I looked up and saw the moon disappearing  behind gray clouds, I looked back to the water, red-orange fur and pure green eyes. I got out of the water, shook off, went back to the rocks, curled up and went to sleep, as the moon came out all you could hear was the crackling of the fire and a small, far off giggle.

The End

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