Stanton: Blind fight

I wasn't quite sure what had happened. From the noises I could hear we were definitely not alone in the cave and that whatever it was it could move fast but not as fast as me.

I began shifting my momentum so that I was moving so fast that everything around me seemed slow. As everyone moved in slow motion I darted forward and found Keesa searching for something, but it was the creature looming behind her that I was more interested in.

The thing was moving faster than everyone else, in fact it was so fast that it wasn't even running in slow motion but more of a slow jog. The thing emitted a purplish vapor and is completely naked and definitely a woman. It had long sharp claws (as if any monster is complete without them) and what appeared to be wings, finally I noticed that it was emitting a peculiar sound.  I realized that it was certainly a creature from the old ages but no body I recognized, one good sign was that it wasn't Vladmir.

I couldn't maintain this speed much longer so I drew my staff and entered into a fighting stance but before time resumed I noticed that the thing was carrying an object, no not an object Ashley!

Time resumed as normal and a gush of wind blew against my face.

"Ashley, where are you?" I heard Keesa shout.

"That thing's got her." I replied whilst putting my hand on her shoulder to direct her in the right direction. Now that I was going at a normal speed I realized that I could hardly see anything in the cave. We all stood still, each breath seemed louder than usual and more defined.

Suddenly another screech was heard from in front of us and I felt something lift Keesa off her feet. I turned round to retaliate with my staff but was welcomed with a claw scratching at my face.

"Ooh this one's playing dirty." I said.

Viper appeared right next to me. "When do they ever play nice?" I heard him say.

"HELP!" We all heard Ashley scream. Myself, Viper, Tsolen and Keesa all lunged forward further into the cave following the screams until finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We came out in a flooded section of the cave. Far above us was a light which I assumed was the surface and not far below us was a pool of water, or at least what I thought was water. I had another glance and I suddenly realized why there was a snake on the entrance to this place.

This was an ancient cave and we were now standing at the entrance to a pit of more than likely poisonous snakes. In the middle of the cave area was a pillar that was presumably where we supposed to go, it looked designed for ancient beings, no human could jump that gap but we all could.

It looked like a trap but there was something on the pillar, the monster and unfortunately Ashley. I didn't need to think of the consequences of jumping into the room, instead we all leaped simultaneously onto the pillar and faced the evil woman who was grinning at us all.

The End

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