Keesa: New Start

When Ashley woke up I think the first thing that came to her mind when she saw me sitting there was "Oh my god! She's here to kill me!" But after a few minutes of it going through her mind that I had helped her, she got up with a little help, and we headed down the stairs quietly. With each step I saw how she got strength back. She kept her head high no matter what. I don't know what it was but I had a new respect for her after that. But now we were listening to Stanton and Tsolen argue. You could feel the rage of each of them. But what was worse, I heard every single detail of the conversation. Their speeding hearts, the rushing of their blood, and there movments. The smallest movement got my ears perked up, the creaks and shifts of their joints and muscles. Finaly it was settled that Tsolen could provide extra protection for us girls. I wanted to argue that I could protect Ashley and I just as well as Tsolen. But the look of relief on Viper's face as well as Ashley's was enough for me to keep my mouth shut. Ashley stuck pretty close to me since that night. I didn't mind though. She gripped my hand tight when Viper knocked on the rock and it glowed. As we walked into the small cave that appeared, you just got the chills  like someone was watching you. You couldn't see very well, even with my sharp cat-like eyes I was stumbling over stones and rocks. I eventually had to change and carry Ashley on my back because she kept tripping and we were worried she would break a leg or something. She held my clothes in the small bag I brought, We were mostly silent in our walk through this dark place, when something scurried in front of me, Ashley screamed. It definantly wasn't a rat, nor a mouse. It was bigger, much bigger. I dropped Ashley swiftly and carfully, and charged at it, its scream was interesting, not an awful thing to hear though. More soothing, almost like a trance. I swayed back and forth its blood on my lips. My lips? No fangs. No whiskers. Crap! Crap! Crap! How come I changed back?Find Ashley, she has your clothes , I heard the others moving in to find the giant. But I was looking for Ashley. There I had the bag! I slipped my clothes on and went to the gant. Where was Ashley though? She wasn't where I dropped her. Not good.

The End

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