Viper: A Journey Off to a Bad Start

"Tsolen! What are you doing you retard!" Stanton yelled, as Tsolen falls directly in front of us. I stop and look at the spectacle. Tsolen apparently had been- stalking us? I saw why Stanton was so angry, because having a giant following your family around is almost never a good thing, but I remembered Stanton as having good manners. Maybe somethings in his journeys changed him..

"Umm, I was just gonna offer an apology and-"

"Okay your forgiven now please leave!"  Stanton yelled, angrily. "We have something important to do, and you following us is not helping. Your a magnet for trouble, and making that follow is gonna seriously slow us down. What happens if another statue-demon-thing comes again?"

"C'mon Stanton calm down..." I said trying to placate him, but I could see his train of thought that Tsolen was always following us, and evil always seemed to be targeting him. 

"Hey! First of all, I'm just doing my job, which is to protect people and to do that, I've gotta destroy those things, and besides, I'm the one who destroyed it anyways after it attacked you guys!" Tsolen retorted, started to get angry.

"You drove it over to us! If you hadn't started attacking it towards us, then it wouldn't have even come here! And you would have died if me and Viper didn't stop it!" Stanton continued to rant.

Now this was going to get messy, as both of them were starting to yell at each other, and Tsolen's sword had appeared in his hand, as well as Stanton's staff. The girls started backing away slowly, looking confused and scared.

"Hey you guys, calm down! Tsolen, we sincerely appreciate the help you have given us." I said, stepping in between them. "Now if you want to come with us, then you can, but you have to swear that you won't betray us or fight against us."

Stanton gave me an angry look, but said nothing. 

My plan was to get a bunch of people to come with us, so a safety in numbers kinda thing, and also because it would stop the conflict (mainly), and grant us another ally. 

Now everyone started to set out again, the group was myself, Stanton, Keesa, and Ash (and now Tsolen). While Criss, Skylar, Alice, and Kacey went the other way, in order to try and find the map, we had split up to find it faster.  The map led to a city named Tong Song, and the city according to legend, was near impenetrable, with most of the population as lesser spirits from the old days, and hidden incredibly well. So, the map would lead us to the city, and would give us a hidden way in to it. And once a group found the map, we would meet up, (it helped that we had cell phones). 

So as we traveled along, our route was along the Himalayas, not into it, but around the edge, and as we looked around, there was nothing... Until Ashley looking at a strange carving on a rock, called us over, and as we examined it, I tapped it. The carving, in the shape of a snake glowed, and a small cave opened up. 

"Well what's this?" Stanton asked.

"I don't know but let's find out!" I said excited.

"Okay everyone form up, me and Viper to the front, Keesa and Ash, to the middle, while Tsolen you stay in the back, this way we get maximum protection on the girls and we stay together." Stanton called, Tsolen looked annoyed, but he complied with the orders.

As we walked into the cave in groups of two (except for Tsolen), I felt like we were being watched, from outside...

The End

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