Tsolen: following

The figures make it across the field and off towards back to civilization. I allow my sword to disapear and follow afterwards, quietly and stealthly I catch up and notice they are the phantoms. I keep in the tree's I couldn't remember their darn names.

Should I ask and give away my posistion? Or should I just continue to follow?  Well they aren't exactly enemies but I don't think they like me all that much since after all I did kinda destroy there house and bring an evil being there I would be pretty ticked off at someone like after I just kinda disapear afterwards. I definetly owe an apology. I continue to follow. I wonder where they are going?

I jump from branch to branch until one breaks and I fall directly infront of the group. aww come on, I'm a bloody immortal why do I make these ridicoulous mistakes?

" Tsolen. What are you doing you retard?"  That wasn't very nice but I did feel retarded.

" Hey ummm. I was curiouse you seem up to something that I may be of use in. I'm also really sorry but I believe I have forgotten your names."  I feel like a complete idiot.

The End

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