Kacey: Grouping

The plan was to split up and look for the books wasn't really that bad, but the fact that not all of the Phantoms were here and the other fact that we just got back and were gonna split up again just gave me the goose bumps.

"I don't see why we can't ALL go to look for the book... Were stronger here with all five elements..... Sky is fire, Stanton is earth, I'm wind and Keesa is water," I said these when I realized that none of them knew about it..... oops.

"I mean... Sky, Stanton, Keesa and me should go with Ashley to look for that last map... and yeah..." I looked down knowing that they all had questions.

I can't explain now... Let's just say that I'm starting to remember things that I'm not supposed to, okay? We have to get a move on too... so just trust me."

I walked off in the direction that felt right... I knew that people started to follow me and that I would have to explain everything later, but I looked back and saw that everyone that I had told to come with me came with angry and confused looks...

Can you tell me what's going on? The rest of us back here want to know about.... yalls special ability... Ima be in you head so when you wanna talk I'll be here... and take care of Sky. Criss said to me.

Okay... I'll tell you at night I thought to him as the sun was just about to rise above me...

I knew that in our journey we would meet more Phantoms and more demon like creatures, but until then we were safe...

The End

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