Stanton: Recovery

"Keesa wait" Criss said as she took Ashley away.

"Let her go" I replied. "She knows what she's doing, I think we should let her rest so that she can tell us what happened." Sky and Criss looked at me, I suddenly realized that I hadn't even greeted them yet and they might not of even of known I was here.

"Hi by the way." I muttered. I gave Sky a hug and did a sort of awkward manly pat each other on the back hug sort of thing with Criss. After a quick briefing of my travels I headed back into the house with Kacey and Viper, even though I was one of the eldest family members it seemed that I had an effect toward the younger end of the group.

"So" I said after making myself a milkshake, I was in dire need of some dairy, "Does that Tsolen guy usually bring statues back to the house, destroy it and then leave the minute the fights over?"

"No but then again he's only been here a couple of days." Viper replied.

"Well I don't think he should of left like that but anyway we have more important things to talk about." I said.

"Like what?" asked Kacey.

"Well its clear that our enemies know about Ashley but its also clear that she can already partially read the books, she wouldn't be capable of that power otherwise." I said. Ideas of what to do now were already whirring in my head.

"So...?" Asked Kacey.

"Well last night me and Viper were talking and I think a small group of us should go out and look for the other books and the rest of our family, we need to be together and we need the books and taking everyone to look for them will be too dangerous."

I took a map out of my pocket and spread it on the table.

"You know what this is right?" I asked Viper. He nodded in response.

"Its the river the original zodiacs swam across at the last leg of the race." He said.

"Exactly." I nodded. "Know I don't know whats there but there has been word that on that river there is some sort of artifact which I believe is one of the five books, then again it could just be some ancient Chinese Zodiac thing but thats all we have right now."

I knew I was rushing things and that I had only just returned yesterday but if there was one thing my fellow phantoms knew about me it was that I could not stay still.

"So I'm going to put this idea forward to Sky and form a scout party if she gives the word go, the reason I'm telling you two is because I want you two to come with us."

I had mulled this over and it worked perfectly for any reasons; Kacey needed to get a taste of the action outside of the safety of the Phantoms and plus her powers needed to be controlled. Viper and Keesa seemed to have fallen out and the best remedy I could think of was for them to have some time apart, only then could they realize what they really feel for each other. It was a risk and Keesa may even end up coming but it was worth a shot.

"So what do you think? Of course you can stay if you want but I wanted to offer you two first."

The End

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