Keesa: Rush

I heard a scream, it sounded like Ashley's scream. I got up and started running thinking the worst. Why was I running to help her? I didn't know, it's like my feet knew that something was wrong and I needed to get there. I started  changing, into my original form, the tiger. I ran faster, but not running out of breath. I was noiseless, nothing stirred as I ran.

_      _       _

I got there and found Ashley lying on the ground and Sky as well as Criss around her, but not touching her. Doing nothing to help. I went over to Criss and questioned him, he told me exactly what I knew: Ashley screamed, and fainted. But he also told me what I didn't know. I knew the house had collapsed, but I didn't actually think this one little human girl was powerful enough to rebuild a mansion with only her memories! She did though, that's why Sky and Criss weren't touching her. I rolled my eyes at them, they didn't take notice. I picked up Ashley in my jaws and as carefully as I could, swung her onto my back. I grunted as she landed, I wasn't used to this extra weight. I tried to keep her on while going as fast as I could, the stairs would be a problem. I managed, barely, and got her to her room. Everything was exactly the same, down to the most minute detail. Like her covers were messed and tangled as well as her clothes on the floor. I dropped her on her bed and hurried to my room. I changed back to my human form and got dressed(since when we change into our animal form and then back we're bare.) . I would fetch my other clothes later, I ran down to the basement skipping steps and rails. I filed through the small potion viles we had and grabbed the healers mix I made about twelve years ago. Still fresh I worried a bit, but it wouldn't hurt her. I rushed to her room dropper in hand wet clothe in the other. I put the clothe on her forehead and dropped three drops into her open mouth. Her breathing steadied and calmed. Of all the things I did, the one that suprised me most was me waiting for her to wake up, sitting on her bed.

The End

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