Ash: Helping

I wanted to help so I just started picturing the house the way it was before any of this happened and I tried to picture every detail and where everything went. I tried to picture it and then I opened my eyes. I knew where everything went and I got an overall view and then... It was like there was an earthquake!

I stumbled to the floor as did everyone else and I struggled to regain my footing, but I couldn't! I saw everything begin to move, but I didn't know to where they were going!

It finally ended with everyone staring at me with wide eyes, but I didn't think I could stand anymore because I felt like puking.

Then... it came. I covered my mouth and ran outside.


After about an hour I began to stop seeing black dots and began to hear all the voices that surrounded me. I grabbed something, but I didn't know what it was. I looked up a bit and saw that it was Sky. She patted my back and said something, but I still couldn't hear, then she called Criss over and he looked at my with worry in his eyes.

He was hesitant to touch me, but with some encouragement from Sky, he did.

Ash, we need to know what happened he whispered to me are you okay?

I cringed at the sound and just nodded my head I'm guessing you can hear my thoughts too, huh?

Yeah, but do you know what you did? he asked, pressing on.

No, I...  I thought hard, but it seemed that I couldn't remember... I thought and thought, but it hurt too much! I screamed but I couldn't hear myself... then... It got really dark, and those dark dots came back and then darkness fell over me.

The End

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