Tsolen: A form of W.D 40

I get up and leave, my wound wouldn't heal if I didn't. Its strange I probably would walk, talk, and fight properly wether or not it is there, but it was always better to let a wound heal as an immortal.  I was never sure why being around sapient being impeded the healing process. I guess it was measure to make me look more normal.  I quickly find myself at a high view point looking over the town. I looked at my shoulder it stopped bleeding and then the muscles began to weave themselves together following with the skin. It is a funny sensation watching and witnessing those events. It took under an hour to do.

I stood up and headed to another remote area which was more opening. Man was I ever rusty. From my bag I grab an ancient scroll,an instuction manual to terrain my skills or to me a form of W.D 40 to get rid of how rusty I was.  The first thing was  a bunch of simple sword movements and patterns. It take a few hours until my movenments become fluid and yet nearly unseable to the eye. I then start with the magic and that starts destroying my training ground.  In the morning the sun rises , I'm panting , in torn up cracked destroyed field. My body felt heavy, man this is pathetic.  From the forest emerges a few figures, i couldn't tell if they where the phantoms or evil beings.

The End

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