Keesa: A New Pain

After the roof crashed in and Tsolen told us not to fight, I noticed I could hear better. Sharper. I touched the spot where my ears should have been, but they weren't. I slowly moved my hands up, and felt something fuzzy. It twitched. My hearing changed direction. I turned my new ears left and right, getting used to the new feel. I had tiger ears. 

 Viper is tense. Watching Tsolens every move. Tsolens mutters an ancient Chinese spell. It hurts, but not unbearably. Then, the shadowed figure screams in agony, I drop to my knees. I try to cover my ears as best as I can but the new sensitivity picks up every sound. The screams, my heart, Vipers heart, Tsolens words, and even the buzzing of small crickets in the grass. The sounds swirl around, combining into eachother, confusing me, surrounding me, pain hits over and over again just like bullets firing again and again. Then before the shadows last scream, I swear I heard, I have failed, master Vladimir. But his mouth didn't open but to scream. The demise of him in the explosion the sent us all flying back, and our house shaking.

I uncovered my ears and looked around, scorch marks and burns were everywhere. I remembered the walk I took alone that one day, but what I found on the way there. I jumped around the rubble, ignoring the calls of everyone to not move. I was light footed, I was fine, I wouldn't cause the house to collapse further. I retraced my steps to the tree I sat under the day I met Tsolen. I stopped, right in front of me was the mighty oak tree, fallen, containing the three hatchling birds. I spotted the nest and rushed to it. I picked up the debris around it and saw the blooded bodies of the hatchlings. I sat there, crying, crying for the birds, crying for their ended lives. I sat in my pajamas, wind blowing at my back and blonde hair. I felt more alone than ever before.

The End

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