Kacey: Protecting Ash

I didn't want to protect Ashley. It just didn't seem right. It wasn't because I hated her... it was because It just felt like she didn't NEED protecting. I don't know how to explain it, but she just seemed so powerful, but when you saw her from one of the Phantoms eyes... she was worthless.


The battle was over and I protected Ashley well. We talked a while when we Stanton was trying to get things organized. I found out that she had a hard life with her family dying and all. Her grandpa and grandma from her moms side died and then two of her cousins from her dads side died when they were driving one day. I felt bad for her, but I guess if that hadn't happened she wouldn't be here.

"We need to rebuild this house. It's the only thing we have left besides family, but yeah." Stanton said.

"We'll start by cleaning everything out. It'd be easier that way," Viper said as he put his sword in it's sheath.

"Yeah," everyone agreed.

Cleaning out the house wasn't hard because everyone in the family was pretty strong. Ashley on the other hand was gathering some new and fresh wood for the roof. I guess it was just luck, but surprisingly Sky had taken a class on engineering and that helped a lot.Sky instructed everyone different parts based on their abilities and we got the most of the work down. We didn't really get the work done before dark because it was pretty much already dark, but we took turns taking a nap.

Stanton had made me coffee so we would stay awake, but I guess it wasn't strong enough because I dazed off... and then there was silence...

The End

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