Viper: Skirmish With A ... Statue?

Ouch... The roof had practically collapsed on me while I was napping... It appeared Stanton had got out of the way, but he could have at least woke me up...

I lifted up some debris with my powers and emerged shakily, and I heard Stanton yell "Viper!"

"It's okay I'm fine, just a little shook up" I called back.

As I raced towards the ceiling, where I heard Stanton call me from, I remembered the sword and picked it up, "Time for a little test" I murmured to myself.

I jumped onto the roof, and I saw Keesa following me, but she would be here a little bit late, I saw Tsolen again, next to Stanton, and they were both facing... a statue?

"What's going on??" What's with the statue?" I asked confused.

"Viper! Look Out!" As I saw the statue fly towards me with a roman gladius, I blocked the gladius with the sword, and the sword flashed and the gladius melted.

Wow... I didn't know it could do that!

And then Stanton moved so fast that he was a blur, and smashed the statue from the side so that it went flying into the ground. I used the "attract" part of my powers and made the statue be crushed into the ground.

"Urgh... Zodiac warriors? Haven't seen them in a long time, and I'm hungry... But I'm stuck, this is what comes of a physical body..." The statue muttered.

And then the statue exploded! A gust of wind and a couple of little pebbles hit me, but nothing serious, and I saw a giant, black, thing- What was that??? It looked like a shadow floating in the air, with two red spots as eyes.

Then Tsolen yelled, "Stay back guys! He's mine, if you touch him he'll suck the life out of you!" 

If I cant touch him... maybe this will work, as I picked up a metal rafter beam, and repelled it at him, the beam flew threw straight through the shadow, and hit the ground behind it, sticking up like a spear.

"Great..." I muttered.

Stanton started backing up, and said "You guys fall back, this is for the big guy to do by himself"

Tsolen stood up, he had apparently healed his shoulder, but he looked a little tired, and a katana appeared in his hands.

"Wow... I'm pretty rusty" He grumbles, and then jumps towards the shadowy being.

His katana glows with blue light, and is blocked by an axe made of the same shadowy material, as the spirit.

"I've met your friend... Captain... now let me introduce mine... Gurgurant the Cleaver!"

"Oh, but that's not necessary, demon! 'Cuz I found how to defeat you already" Tsolen yelled out. And then he started chanting words in ancient Chinese...

The demon roars, and lunges at Tsolen, and Tsolen doesn't react, and I realize he can't move because of his spell!

My sword pulses in my hands, and before I know it, I'm in friend of Tsolen, blocking off the demon's axe.

My sword blasts off the axe, but then he charges me again, and again, with each blow having increasing strength, and I'm forced to my knees. 

"Not bad snake... But now let Gurgurant drink your blood and then become one in me to extend my life!"

Then the ground around him glows, and a pillar of green fire erupts out.

I hear Tsolen, coming over, and he helps me up, saying, "Interesting sword, it looks familiar, but doesn't ring a bell, but now that this guy is done, I have to go."

The screaming coming from the demon slowly ceases, and Tsolen picks up the axe that fell to the ground in a piece of paper that is covered in writing, and then he leaves, and the pillar of fire is gone, just a giant burn on the ground with symbols around it. 

"Viper! That was awsome!" Stanton calls, jumping over. "I was busy getting everyone out of the house, but I saw the ending, I guessed that the sword was powerful, but not like that!" 

"I didn't either, and I really want to learn more about it, maybe on the road trip, but first... we gotta fix up this house"...


The End

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