Stanton: Plan of Action

"Woah." I shouted as half the room cam smashing down above us, if it wasn't for my ability I would already be dead. The second the roof had begun to cave in I went into auto-pilot and started moving very fast. I can shift my particles to move so fast that everything around me appears to be moving slow, when in fact I myself am just moving extremely fast. I dove at Kacey and the minute we hit the floor everything began moving at a regular pace again.

I shot upward from the floor and quickly scanned the situation; a large marble statue had somehow managed to obliterate half the house, he was fighting someone who I did not recognize.

"Viper" I shouted who had stayed with him most the night and was now emerging from some debris. "Kessa is on the roof go and get her to safety, now!" I ordered. Without a response he shot through the hole in the roof and was gone.

"Kacey go and get the others and then protect Ashley." I said in a stern voice.

"B-But I can fight too Stanton." She whined.

"I know." I said whilst trying not to get angry. "But Ashley can't and we're going to need her so can you promise me to keep her safe no matter what happens?"

"Yes." she muttered, she gave me a quick hug and then shot out of the room.

"Right." I muttered. Quick as a flash I jumped through the hole and landed outside. A man was kneeling toward the statue and looked in pain. I guessed that they were fighting and that the wounded man would appreciate some help.

Before the statue could do anymore damage, I dashed forward at a fast speed, but not so fast that everyone slowed down, and picked the man up so that he was slung over my shoulder. Once we were a safe distanced away I set him down.

"If you think you can fight feel free, but please don't push yourself, that shoulder wound is quite deep." I said.

I turned back to face the statue. I drew my fighting staff and unfolded it, not the best weapon to use against this opponent but I'd fought harder. My fighting skill was very acrobatic and fast, more defensive than offensive. I wait until the opponent reveals a weakness and strike when it suits me.

"Lets dance." I shouted and leaped in the air toward him brandishing my staff. I managed to catch the back of his head on my way past him causing him to stumble. I landed in a well practiced stance and saw that some of my fellow Phantoms had already came outside to join me.

"Ready?" I asked.

The End

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