Tsolen: fight

I jump off heading into the night something evil was out there. Stalking and plotting in the shadows. I was going catch or disperse it. Whatever works out.  In a few hours of searching I find the evil entity but it keeps running off at a very fast pace. This keeps up until it stops and shows itself in the flesh.

" An Immortal?" It gasps. I see a marble roman statue emitting black aura.  It was a being that animated inanimate objects. Something I hated fight because you can only hurt it if its not in an inanimate object. So it was two step break inanimate object, then kill the shadowy being that emerges from it. A Katana appears in my hand. Its been a darn long time since I had to fight.

" Well, It looks like catching you is out of the question. I'm going to have to kill you." I warn.

The roman statues runs forwards, A gladius arcing towards me.  I side step and slice upwards cracking the marble stone and pushing sliding it backwards.

" Ah I see, your not any immortal, your a captain from the Jade Emporers gaurd. I can tell because not many immortals move that fast."

" Whatever." I say then jump up and come down smacking his gladius. He swings me off I flip though the air and gracefully land on my feet.  A few symboly light up and the katana.  I swing down and a arc of energy crashes into the gladius lighting the night sky. It disperserses the statue unscathed.

" Over the years, I've gotten very powerful stealling the lives of you animnate creatures." 

" I guess thats what happens when you let evil live for so long." I mutter and the fight continues flashing all over town for hours. Hit for hit, counter for counter , block for block. I'm to rusty!

It was morning and I impact the road infront of the Phantoms house.  I roll out of the way of the gladius and release another arc of energy. This time he fails to block and crashes through the house.

"Your mine! Ha, Ha." I yell as the ground around me glows blue.  I fly forwards meeting the gladius.   I press down the gladius hitting the marble statues neck.

BOOM! I fly backwards though the air that Creature was smarter than he seemed. I land gracefully back on the ground. The Phantoms house now had a few holes in it.

"Sorry! Have you met my friend yet." Speaking of the devil the Marble statue flys from the house  and stabs slices the top of my shoulder.

The End

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