Ash: Meeting Another Member of the Family

I was sitting in the dining room. it was right in front of the main door and beside it was the kitchen big enough for two people. There was a bathroom after that and a shower room and then another bedroom. On the other side there was a large room with three beds and a couch and a TV with satellite connection surprisingly and some games connected to it. There was a window in that you could see if you walked in because it was RIGHT THERE!

Anyways, I was just staring out the window when I heard foot steps behind me. I glanced back and I saw a guy that must have been a phantom.

I wasn't really into him until I smelled Paris! It wasn't until after Kacey threw herself at Stanton that I smelled it. I remembered my dad bringing me there once when I was really little. I loved their bread and I loved seeing them work. I smiled facing the window but I quickly hid it. I don't know why though, but I guess it was just a natural instinct to be the mysterious and 'mean' one.

I told Stanton that it smelled like Paris, but Kacey didn't really like it. I could just TELL that she was giving me a glare. I didn't need a mirror to see, so I just walked outside and sat there.

I could still hear Stanton saying 'wow' and everything, but I tuned that out. I focused on the calming things. The trees and the birds. I heard the trees rustle in the mid morning breeze and I inhaled... and at that moment... just that moment... I wished that It could be this way forever...

The End

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