Kacey: Reuniting

I woke up from my nap on a bed. A bed. HA! I hadn't slept on a bed in years! I had to admit that it was fairly comfy and I missed it.

I pulled the covers off and stood up, trying not to fall when I did. I held on to the table and I smelled someone new.

I breathed in and held my breath for a second... then I knew who it was!

I ran out of the room with my heart racing at a million miles an hour, "STANTON!" I screamed and I threw myself at him, "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?!"

Stanton caught me and spun my cheerfully, " I'm great! I missed you too! Oh my gosh it's so nice to see you again!"

"I know!" I could have screamed 'I'm so glad your here' all day, but I knew I had to control myself.

I pulled myself away and smiled at him and I got another smile in return, "Where did you travel too? You smell like the country," I crinkled my nose and sniffed again.

"He does NOT smell like the country. He smells more like the city of Paris. Oh the sweet smell of Paris," I looked behind me and Ashley was looking out the window and glanced back, "I've been there once, and I can smell the scent on him. It smells like unbaked bread and coal. Bakery?"

"Yeah," Stanton said as he let me go, "You're good," he smiled, but she had already turned to face the window again.

"I'm not 'good'" she air quoted, "I just know what I smell... and it's NOT the country," she left the room and headed outside.

"Wow... she's good... that or she knows her stuff," Stanton said as his arms went around me again.

"Want me to show you something?" I said as I looked at him again.

"Sure," he said as he looked away from me to his cup of milk that was still on the table. He grabbed it and followed me to the room...

The End

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