Viper: Brothers

As soon as he stepped in, I felt his presence and was overwhelmed with joy. 

"Stanton!" I yelled as I barged out of my room. 

"Hey man, what's up?" came the reply.

Wow... Stanton looked pretty much the same, down the lightning bolt on his arm, (benefit of being practically immortal)  except his hair was longer  and he had a more relaxed quality to him. 

"Where have you been for the last several years?" I asked, curious.

"I've been travelling around the world, exploring stuff, tasting food, and honing my powers" Stanton replied casually

"Well, you always were one for travelling, last time I checked you were running down the freeway at  like 70 mph." 

"Yeah, last time I was pretty bored and just wanted to get some fresh air" 

"You sounded like you were just going for a walk, but a couple years?"

"Mhm, yep!" Stanton got up and said, "Got any milk? I'm a little thirsty"

"Oh sure" So I went and poured two cups of milk for both of us, and then as I sat down he asked,

"So... How's it going with Keesa?"

"Umm.... its pretty confusing at the moment... Let's just leave it at that" I replied, slightly embarrassed.

"Uhuh... really, I've seen how you two looked at each other back then, you both were too shy to actually say anything, and now?"

So the day went on... I told Stanton my problems, and he said, " Wow... that's pretty intense, fighting that weirdo cat demon Vladdy, running into the Jade Emperor's Guard, but do you really think this girl... Ashley right? You really think that she's the chosen one? You know the one that's supposed to save us all, and is able to read the books? And the dream... Back when you were probably just a little kid; me, Criss, Skylar, a couple others, were the only ones who witnessed the war between the clans. We stayed neutral  while our cousins slaughtered each other... I'm pretty sure if that happens, we'll all get caught up and then everything will be over... 

"Yeah... I'm gonna have to stop that dream from coming true, no matter what happens, we got 2 books right? Vlad has the 3rd, and the other 2 were lost as the owners would get killed, and then they would be stolen, only to have the new owners killed... So, I'm going to try to find all of them, bring them all together, and then use their power to stop it all- the war."

"That's a pretty cool dream man, but how on earth are we going to get them? Vlad's stuck in the forest, but the other 2 are lost, for good."

"Well, that's the whole point of going to get them! It'll be a lot of fun, because Criss said that the books can be use to find the locations of the other books, if you have a reader, which we have-Ashley! And it's gonna have some action, you got that Speed-Time Relativity Movement... Thing... Technique mastered right? And I'm alot better at manipulating gravities, my power is no long just the pull of gravity, but repulsion and attraction. So I can pull and push, at even extreme speeds! So let's go on a road trip... "

"Okay! Okay! You convinced me... Man what happened to you? You used to be so scared of everything and everyone, but now your so much more happy, and it really makes me glad to see you again... But if we're going to go, it's going to be dangerous, so we'll need to take everyone, get supplies, and then leave... By the way, I found this pretty cool relic on my travels... It's an ancient sword that originates from the legend of Quetzlcoatl (tricky to say huh?) the winged serpent of the Aztec, it turns out that he was your ancestor! And what this means was that, we can almost date it back to Pangea, where everything was on a single continent! Now that your his descendant, you should be able to use it, 'cause I got no idea how it works, let's go outside, I'll show you... " 



The End

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