Keesa: My Word

I was woken by the thunk of sneakers on the stairs, then HER scent. She walked into Vipers room no doubt. I thought about my promise I made to Viper. I wanted him happy, I wanted to see him happy so much! I then smelt another scent, not one of the others Sky had brought in earlier. I knew it but it wasn't extremely familiar. I got it! It was that Tsolen guys! What was he doing here, I got up to see Ashley giving Viper some water. I looked behind her, to Tsolen. I gave him a hard, evil stare. Ashley looked back, saw my stare and immediatly turned back to Viper. I left the room, I went back to my room and sat numbly on my bed. Downstairs Ashley and Viper were going for a walk, I heard hesitation in Viper's voice before they left, but oh well. I looked outside to the gleaming moonlight and the fading shadows of and old friend and a tool. I went to the roof, I sat looking at the moon, not taking notice to the tears on my hot cheeks, I thought about our home back in the city. The night Viper and I sat on the roof, when we were still friends, I guess I should call us. I thought about how one person tore us apart and how I couldn't do anything to help Viper when fighting. I felt useless, like an old toy forgotten. Viper had gotten a new one, a better one. I kept thinking about that one night on roof, everything was perfect, everything. I wish we hadn't gone for a walk that night, I wish it so bad. I wouldn't have ended up worrying him, I hated being there. I was a burden. To everyone, I could tell I exasperated Sky, I scared Ashley, and I kept worrying and pushing away Viper. I looked at the moon one last time, searching for a glimmer of hope, right before I fell asleep with tears on my cheeks. Right on the roof.

The End

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