Viper: Empathy

Uh oh... now I'm in trouble because I'm stuck in the middle of love triangle, between me, Keesa, and Ashley. I don't know if Ashley is just trying to be nice or something, but it's really getting on Keesa's nerves, and Keesa threatened Ashley.

Now, neither of them will look at me! I'm just being avoided by both of them, and I'm so bored these days... I wish I had Criss's power to read minds to see what they are thinking...  

To be honest, I was really warming up to both of them, I had got the courage to ask Keesa out, and then Vladimire attacked and ruined that, then I played around with Ashley once, except Keesa found out, but then I made up with her, so yeah... Normally I'm really shy around people, because I'm not very social except with my family, but Ashley's different, she somehow... appeals to me. Not sure how that works or what happened, but I like being around her.

Now the situation: Keesa's really jealous of me and Ashley, she's practically heart-broken by me and I didn't even do anything! And Ashley is scared to be near me because of Keesa so it's a lose-lose situation. I understand both of them quite well, except I don't know how to resolve the problem. I'm really scared of what the outcome is going to be, because I'm probably going to lose one of my friends. The only thing I've been looking forward to lately is the big Phantom family reunion. Maybe when Criss, Kacey, and all of the rest of them come, we'll figure this out. 

The End

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