Keesa: Emotions

I let the door silently close behind me. I had said what I wanted to, but it didn't make me happy still. I didn't want to hate anyone, I hated hating people. But I couldn't help hating Ashley, I depised her, I wanted to throw her into the ocean tied to a cinder block. She didn't understand us, she didn't know our secrets, she didn't know Viper. She wasn't to go near him, not while I was around at least. Why was I so mad about her going near Viper? Was I jealous? Why would I be jealous? I mean Viper and I were just friends right? Was 'just friends' really what I thought of him? I thought about his smile, how perfect it was, his shining back hair, and that way he laughed. . . Is that really what I thought of him as? More than a friend? I hadn't realized where I was going and ended up in the tower. It was always my favorite place to think and watch the sunset. The moon looked like a silver disc floating amongst millions of fireflies. It was gorgeous, it reminded me of when Viper and I used to go camping in this exact forest. Maybe things would be better if I didn't go around him at all, and let him have Ashley. I wouldn't run, but I wouldn't go around him. Maybe that would make him happy, I wanted him to be happy. Cool tears started rolling down my cheeks, they fell to the ground far below like glistening raindrops in the silver moonlight. One landed on the windowsill and stayed there, just one small drop. Alone, like me I guess. I left, the drop still sitting, my cheeks still hot and the moon still shining the small circle in the towers center. The door closed as I said goodbye, not to the moon, to Viper. One last tear, and I was asleep.

The End

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