Stanton: Time for a reunion.

I drained the carton of milk I had in my hand and threw it into a nearby bin with a sigh. The past few years had been difficult for me and now everything is changing again. I stared in a shop window I was passing and looked at my reflection. My brown hair was cut quite short because it gets very long, very quick and people begin to stare when you have horse hair growing from your scalp that falls down to your chest.

Skylar had sent me a message a few days ago, about one of the books. The girl, Ashley, had finally been given the book and she was now looking after her. Skylar wanted me to come back but I wasn't sure I could. It wasn't like I'd officially left but I always used to be around for all of the zodiac children, always helping them out but I had decided to take an adventure of my own and I haven't seen them properly for some time now.

My main concern was to try and hone my abilities since I've been a little under-practiced since the wars. My choice of weapon was a long wooden staff that I've had for a very long time and has proved itself worthy over the years. I also had to work on my speed. You can cut my ability into three sections; in battle I can move so fast that my opponents appear to be moving slowly so I can easily evade oncoming strikes, I can speed run allowing me to travel far distances in half the time it would take others and finally the speed of light. I have never dared to attempt to reach this speed as I was told it was extremely dangerous.

Of course on my journeys I have also been on the lookout for the books. The five books that our lives revolve around and that so many pointless lives have been wasted over. I rolled up my sleeves and stared at my lightning bolt tattoo which I have always had.

"Its time to go home." I muttered. I was already receiving stares from passers-by because of how I dress (which isn't that strange for us zodiacs but to others we look like out of place tourists) and I received even more as I launched of into a run so fast that most humans would only see a blur and feel a gush of wind.

Skylar had left me an address to go to so that's where I decided to go first. It felt sort of good to be going home, I sometimes felt responsible for the others even though Skylar was the oldest I was still the oldest male and still wished to be with them again.

"Don't worry Phantoms." I said whilst running  out of the city and into the countryside in a matter of minutes. "I'm coming."

The End

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