Tsolen: Ouch!

I hop down onto the porch from a tree in the backyard that kept me well hidden.

" Ouch , that isn't nice by my standards." I begin conversation.

" Who are you? Your not like them but ye your different." The girl says.

" Tsolen , an Immortal captian from the Jade emporers court. Sorry I should have been more formal back there. Anyways whats your name?" I ask.

" Ashley."

"I see you must be the mortal girl who can read the books.That means trouble" I mutter the ending , as I feel something coming our way. Something not human.  I hold up my hands which has two symbols one meaning summon the other sword. They begin to glow , and a very elagant Katan appears in my hand. Longer than one that a human would use , also one that wouldn't shatter if I do end up adding mafical pressure.The girl didn't look suprised I think she felt it too.

" Do you have any clue how to defend yourself?" I ask qiuetly

The End

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