Keesa: Two

"Hey are you ok?" I looked up to see a pretty big, probably middle aged man in front of me. He had a certain aura about him that wasn't human though. My eyes were wide in shock and I couldn't move. I just sat there staring, until i heaqrd the bushes rustle, I picked up Viper's scent as he came gliding through the trees. I remembered why I was there, and  tucked myself back against the tree and looked down at the ground. Viper saw the stranger and started to question him about what he was doing there and who he was. After Viper was sure he wasn't a danger to us he stood up and walked over to me, he put his arm around me and I leaned in. I could hear him sigh. I felt relieved and pained at the same time. We asked what the strange man who called himself Tsolen was doing here. He was appearently looking for the book as well and that something had gone awry with it. I listened someewhat but mainely my thoughts were on the events earlier that night. I couldn't get Ashley out of my head. I despised her but I didn't want to. I couldn't help it, she was just . . . different, and I hated that she had just learned what we were and she was already getting treated as if she was one of us. She wasn't, she couldn't begin to imagine what we go through everyday. What I used to go through when I was little, how we changed when we grew up. She didn't know anything! She couldn't know!

Viper and I walked back towards the house, not knowing what to say about the earlier events. We said goodnight and went to our rooms, or Viper did. I went around the house to find Ashley.

"Keesa! I'm so glad your back!" Ashley heard us come in. I grabbed her arm and took her outside. I dragged her onto the moonlit porch.

"You don't know anyting about us. You don't know what we feel, how we grew up. Your just here and alive to read that book. Otherwise you'd be dead by the other clans. Your our little . . . kind of puppet. Yes it will benefit the world and mankind, but it will benefit us more. Don't pretend you know us. We haven't even begun to tell you our secrets, think about that and watch your step around me. Because with one little slip you could go flying three-hundred yards away. Viper, is also a secret you will never know." With that I left her on the dimmly lit porch and let the door close silently behind me.

The End

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