Tsolen: Good question

" Ok so I have too..." I paused the halfbreed smelled of Vladimire, another ancient demon that rarely materializes and fights here, " Isn't obviouse? The books have been opened and for that matter being read by a human, and to further that even more, that is attracting ancient enemies, like you friend Vladimire and other problems the gods struggeled with. But I can credit you that is a good question. Is that good enough?" I say.

" Wait your telling me as an immortal perhaps the last on earth, and you supposed to be helping with these books , and no one here has seen you ever." The  kid replies.

" Well the books aren't my duty really. However these enemies and magics that are emmerging are. Before you go call me lazy I quite agree , I could have come sooner , and perhaps have come out of the works years ago." I say.

The kid nods, I wasn't sure I was just assuming he thought I was lazy.

" Well it still early to say whats going on but perhaps we should make a visit to you home." I looked at the girl she wasn't crying anymore but she definetly looked upset at the snake kid.   So thats what must have been her problem. For me that was thousands of years ago when I felt emotions for others. I look at the both of them.

" I will leave if you want. I already know where you live so I'll see you there."

Atleast I still remembered what it was like when those things came to other people.


The End

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