Kacey: Road Trip

I don't even know how many miles we've driven, but there were a lot, and that was enough for me to go that we were going someplace far. I stared out the window impatiently, I was glad that I changed back into my human form. It was good to be walking and talking again, but still there was a bad part to it. We couldn't see if there was a restraunt or something near, the good thing was that I still had my ears. They out of my hair and they looked like they were part of a headband because they were so small and cute. "Are we there NOW?" I asked, getting a bit irritated that we weren't, "I wish Sky was here," I frowned, "we'd get there in a jiffy. . . Call her, call her, call her!" I exclaimed.

"Ya know," Criss thought, "I think I liked you better as a dog," he frowned. . ." but your probably right. I'll call Sky and see if she can come pick us up."
 He said as he pulled out his phone and began to call her. After a few seconds Sky picked up, and sounded frantic, "Whoa, babe, chillax for a sec and explain everything slowly ." Looking at me he saw I was listening and smiled.

I only caught a bit of the conversation, but I got the message. Keesa was missing.


I started panicking after about an hour of getting the news. I don't know why, but my body just reacts late to things, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What are we gonna do!" my hands flew in the air.

"Chill!" Criss screamed, "Everything's gonna be okay. Keesh probably just threw one of those temper tantrums again and had to leave for a moment to get her thoughts together. She'll be okay."

"I hope your right," I said as I tried to sleep... hoping that this would all just go away.

You see, me and Keesh have been the best of friends forever. We were like BFFLs and we shopped together and everything! When the battle broke out we wanted to stick together, but complications brought us apart...

"Well, ima go sleep... Just... Wake me up when we get there," I smiled as I tried to fake a smile... I changed back into a dog because I was so used to sleeping like that.

I changed and jumped back into the the back seat and rested my head. I held back tears, not knowing if my friend was okay. I laid there, wishing that Keesh would find her way home. Slowly, my mind drifted off and I fell asleep.

The End

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